ULAC Neo Porter Coursier GT Max Handlebar Roll 4.2L

Variant: ULAC Handlebar Bag Neo Porter Coursier GT Max 4.2L with Carabiner - Moss
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The biggest of the Coursierpak family! The Coursier GT Max comes with all-waterproof materials as well as a spacious 4.2 liters volume, which will definitely fit all the cycling essentials. In addition to the capacity and the standard pockets, we have included an extra pocket on the top for quick mobile phone access. Moreover, we also integrated a set of elastic bands to store items such as a windbreaker, sunglasses or umbrella.

On top of all, we have designed the bag in a way that you wouldn’t need a rack to support and still maintain a perfect balance while riding.

In terms of details, we’ve also equipped the bag with a double zipper for easier, quicker access. Better yet, inside the bag, we have included a small waterproof wallet, just in case you need to store cards, coins and change to take with you.

As always, all Coursier bags come with a complimentary karabiner for versatile applications.

Coursier Max comes with 3 velcros and 1 multistrap for extra stabilization.

*Please ensure the fit of the Neo Porter to your frame and handlebar dimensions before purchasing.  

*Ensure the bag does not interfere with safe riding before using.

  • Weighs 435g. = 0.95lbs

  • Fits most Bikes and E-Bikes

  • Water-resistant zipper

  • Attaches perfectly to Handlebar

  • Padded protection

  • Waterproof fabric

  • Soft touch / Scratch free

  • Front eyelet

  • Small inside pocket

  • Complimentary waterproof wallet

  • Complimentary karabiner

  • Quick-access top mesh pocket

  • Elastic bands for windbreaker

  • Karabiner 

  • Wallet

  • Main bag: 260 x 125 x 160mm

  • Small wallet: 155 x 105mm

  • Weight: 435g. = 0.95lbs

  • Capacity: 4.2L

  • Main fabric: Waterproof nylon + polyester 

Please check the specs before purchasing


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