ULAC 52nd Street Chain Combo 4mm x 120cm

Variant: ULAC Lock 52nd Street Chain Hardened Steel Combo 4mm x 120cm Black
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Chain locks are versatile and lightweight and ULAC 52nd Street makes the difference with fashionable sleeves that stand out in a crowd. The 120cm hardened steel chain is long enough to lock up to two bikes.

  • ULAC velcro allows for easy storage

  • Heat-treated hardened steel chain (for cutting + tensile resistance)

  • Resettable combination lock mechanism up to 10,000 unique combos

  • High quality nylon sleeve protects your bike from scratches

  • Transport by wrapping the chain around top tube or seat post

  • Chain Dimensions: 4mm (0.15in) chain links

  • Chain Length: 120cm (47in)

  • Weight: 420g. / 0.9lbs (lock only)

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