Ergon SR Allroad Core Pro

Variant: Ergon Saddle SR Allroad Core Pro Mens M/L
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  • Full surface shock control
  • Pressure reducing surface
  • Precise ride response

With the SR Allroad, Ergon has crafted a saddle that delivers sporty performance able to take on asphalt as easily as a hard-packed dirt road. Perfectly adapted for today’s modern road cycling, the saddle’s CORE HD® technology combines ergonomic comfort without sacrificing dynamic cycling fun. The innovative saddle design of the SR Allroad Core offers a completely new riding experience: road shock and vibrations are fully damped, numbness in the perineal area is alleviated, and seat pressure is significantly reduced – allowing you to be fully in sync with your bike, whatever your chosen path.

Technical Specifications

  • Name: SR Allroad Core Pro Men
  • Use: Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross, Road
  • Color: Stealth
  • Technology: CORE HD®
  • Ergonomic Core: BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU / Closed Cell Particle Foam)
  • Shell: Carbon Composite
  • Rail: TiNox
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Side Flanks: Yes
  • Padding: Orthopedic Comfort Foam
  • Gender: Men specific
  • Max. load: 100 kg 

INGENIOUS OPERATING PRINCIPLE – The ergonomic saddle core

The Ergon CORE HD® construction (with its innovative BASF Infinergy® material) absorbs road shocks and significantly reduces seat pressure. The ergonomic core between the saddle shell and seat foam provides a sporty and firm, yet still comfortable, road bike feel.


BASF’s Infinergy® material also sets new standards in shock and vibration damping on road bikes. Once pressure on the saddle subsides, the Ergon CORE HD®, which consists of thousands of foam particles, returns to its original shape in a flash – even under continuous load! Leading manufacturers of running shoes also use this E-TPU foam worldwide with great success.

PERFECT SHAPE – Innovative Ergonomic Core for mixed terrain

This unique saddle construction for road bikes offers a completely new riding sensation: one that’s sensationally comfortable yet sporty even off the road.

FULL DAMPER – Absorbs shocks and vibrations

The ergonomic core effectively filters out vibrations and bumps in the ground even while riding on the entire seat surface.

ORTHOPEDIC AIRCELL-FOAM – Comfortable and durable

The padding of the SR Allroad Core Men is made of orthopedic AirCell foam. It is especially ergonomic for road cycling but remains extremely durable. The pressure of the bony structures is distributed much better by increasing the rebound force which aids in dissipating vibrations.

CARBON COMPOSITE SEATING SHELL – Lightweight performance

The shell of the SR Allroad Core Pro and SR Allroad Core Pro Carbon is made of carbon composite. This gives the saddle a firmer, more responsive feel with high durability while saving about 10 grams of weight.


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