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Ideal for cleaning and transportation.

The Pocket Sprocket is the first locally produced and 3D printed chain keeper. A must-have in your maintenance kit. Designed to be a convenient and reliable solution for keeping your chain in place during cleaning or transport.

The Dynamic Pocket Sprocket is developed and tested by our pro-teams. The chain keeper is produced locally, thereby limiting transport, and is made from recycled material. By doing so we limit the impact on the environment. Due to the combination of the use of recycled plastic and 3D printing; all Dynamic Pocket Sprockets are unique an may vary in colour.


3D-printed | Recycled plastic | Suitable for 12 mm thru-axles | Portable | Planet Friendly

Cleaning your drivetrain is a breeze with the Pocket Sprocket. Simply slide it over your 12 mm thru-axle, put the chain in the groove and clean or lubricate your chain, chainrings and derailleur with ease.


Remove the rear wheel from your bike. Insert the thruaxle in the non-driveside of the frame and slide the Pocket Sprocket over it. Route the chain in the groove of the pocket Sprocket and tighten the thruaxel into the driveside of the frame, like you would when installing your wheel. Now you can clean your drivetrain with ease or safely transport your bike.

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