Crankbrothers Synthesis Carbon Enduro Rim

Variant: Crankbrothers Rim Synthesis Carbon Enduro 27.5 Front 28h
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Control and stability for enduro riding.

  • Ideal for Enduro.

  • Rims sold individually not in sets.

  • Front and rear specific rims optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain bike riding.

  • Wider inner rim width supports wider tire profile in front, increased volume and contact patch, and rounds tire profile to enhance turning.

  • Narrower inner rim width supports narrower tire profile in rear, improves rolling resistance, and sharpens tire edge for grip.

ERD (27.5") 563mm
ERD (29") 603mm
Inner rim width front 31.5mm
Inner rim width rear 29.5mm
Spoke hole count front 28
Spoke hole count rear 32
Warranty lifetime
Weight (27.5" Front) 460g
Weight (29" Front) 480g
Weight (27.5" Rear) 475g
Specs (29" Rear) 495g

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