Corima Wheelset Essentia DX 40mm

Variant: Corima Wheelset Essentia DX 40mm Disc Brake Tubeless Ready
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A limitless all-road riding experience

The Essentia 40 is the ultimate all-road wheel. Destined to erase the borders between road and gravel, the hookless rim is designed to maximize comfort and control with wider tubeless tyres using lower pressures. Fast, lightweight, ultra-versatile and produced in France at our workshop in Loriol-sur-Drôme. The Essentia benefits from the full extent of CORIMA's unmatched experience and capabilities in creating wheels with the ultimate performance, reliability, and design aestetics.

Product features

  • 28" tubeless ready pair
  • Shimano / HG
  • Profile: 40MM
  • Rim width: 28mm
  • Rim width Internal : 23mm
  • Axle front: Thru-axle Ø12 x 100mm
  • Axle rear: Thru-axle Ø12 x 142mm
  • Weight front: 745 g
  • Weight rear: 855 g
  • Carbon weave: 3K
  • Front Black Spokes: 24
  • Rear Black Spokes: 24
  • Rim tubeless hookless
  • Compatible TLR pression max 4.7 bar en 28mm

Shipped with

  • Rim tape
  • Valve TLR
  • Valve nut tool

Mandatory conditions of use for the Essentia 40

Tyres compatibility

  • It is the user’s responsibility to check that the selected tyre model is compatible with hookless rims (refer to tyre manufacturer’s specifications). Inner tubes may be used however the tyre must feature tubeless beads to ensure it remains seated.
  • Tubeless straight side (TSS) wheels must be used with Hookless compatible tubeless ready tires with width between 28mm and 50 mm (ISO 5775).
  • The maximum inflation pressure is 4.7 bar (68 psi) for a 28mm tyre.

Tips and restrictions

Running tubeless tyres requires specific care when it comes to installation and maintenance.

  • Use only plastic tire levers
  • When installing the tyre, 2 layers of 0.1mm thick rim tape must be installed against the inner rim bed to ensure an airtight seal.
  • CO2 cartridges, high-flow pumps and compressors MUST NOT be used to inflate TSS tubless tyres on the Essentia wheels.

Tyre air pressure

Depending on the width of the tire, refer to the table below.

Tyre section (mm) Max. pressure (bar) Max. pressure (psi)
28 4.7 68
30 4.5 65
35 3.8 55
40 3.5 50
42 3.2 46
45 3.0 43
50 2.8 40

Specificities of minimum pressure

In addition to a maximum pressure, it is also necessary to respect a minimum pressure according to the weight of the cyclist + equipment and the tire section.

Important : If the tire manufacturer indicates an inflation pressure lower than that in the table, the lower value must be used.

The best of both worlds

This is a carbon rim with a unique design, developed to combine the performance and lightness of a road wheel with the comfort and versatility of a gravel wheel.

With a 40mm depth rim and appreciable lightness (1600gr / 3.5lb per wheelset) it handles perfectly on the asphalt while the hookless rim with a 23mm internal width is designed to accommodate 28-50mm wide tubeless tires so you can adapt your choice of rubber and pressure to your goals and the terrain of the day. Rough roads, gravel tracks or wet cobblestones? Worry no longer, with the Essentia 40 you have the wheelset it takes to set your own limits.

A hookless rim

The Essentia 40 is designed for use with tubeless tires for improved comfort, grip and puncture resistance. At CORIMA we have chosen the hookless technology for the rim. The straight inner profile saves weight and is more versatile, while the lack of hooked sides also means the wheels are sturdier and offer better handling by allowing the tire to perfectly follow the shape of the rim.

As a result, the Essentia 40 is formidable on asphalt combined with 28mm tires and can accommodate gravel tires up to 50mm to take on the most demanding surfaces.

Performance meets strength

To ensure even power distribution, optimal performance and improved sturdiness, the Essentia 40 is equipped with our new Ratchet system with 36 teeth and a 10 degree angle of engagement.

This mechanism inside the hub has been specifically designed to handle higher levels of torque in order to guarantee exceptional reliability when faced with intensive use on rough roads.

The CORIMA touch

Efficient, versatile and accessible, the Essentia 40 all-road wheels are 100% Made in France in CORIMA’s own workshops. 24 stainless steel spokes, arranged in an exclusive CORIMA-specific pattern, take care of stiffness and reliability, while the hub is custom-designed to withstand intense gravel use.

The rim construction draws on the very best of our expertise: structural foam inside the rim, selection and master layup of the best 3k carbon fibers, an elegant and distinctive look all come together at a value unique on the market today.

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