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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Canister 230Gm Isobutane - 230GM - CAMPING
Sale price$9.99 NZD
Canister 230Gm IsobutaneGasmate
Power Fuel Canister 220Gm 4Pk - 220GM - CAMPING
Sale price$14.99 NZD
Adaptor Gas Pol-CompanionGasmate
Mantles - Single Tie 2Pk - CAMPING
Sale price$5.99 NZD
Mantles - Single Tie 2PkGasmate
Mantles - Double Tie 2Pk - CAMPING
Sale price$5.99 NZD
Mantles - Double Tie 2PkGasmate
Travelmate II Twin Stove With Hotplate - CAMPING
Bottle Lpg Gasmate 3Kg - CAMPING
Sale price$59.99 NZD
Bottle Lpg Gasmate 3KgGasmate
Canister 450Gm Isobutane - 450GM - CAMPING
Sale price$14.99 NZD
Canister 450Gm IsobutaneGasmate
Stove Micra - CAMPING
Sale price$49.99 NZD
Stove MicraGasmate
Stove Hiker - CAMPING
Sale price$75.99 NZD
Stove HikerGasmate
Lantern Butane 80W - W/ PEIZO - CAMPING
Sale price$69.99 NZD
Lantern Butane 80WGasmate
Gasmate Backpacker Stove with Piezo. This Gasmate's Backpacker Stove features a piezo for easy lighting and a windshield to protect your flame from the elements. It produces 9,950 BTUs from a screw in butane canister (sold separately) and will boil 1 litre of water in approximately 4.5 minutes.
Sale price$59.99 NZD
Stove Backpacker W/PGasmate
Sale price$49.99 NZD
Stove BackpackersGasmate
Stove Sika - CAMPING
Sale price$49.99 NZD
Stove SikaGasmate
Sale price$189.00 NZD
Cooker Deluxe 2 Burner StoveGasmate

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