Bike Lights

As we move into the dark and cold months of winter bike lights are a must to help keep us safe. Below are some reminders as to what you need to do to play your part in keeping us safe and happy out there.

You must have the correct lights and reflectors for the conditions you are riding in and wear a helmet.

The NZ code for cycling Lights and reflectors

Your bike must have the correct lights and reflectors for the conditions
you are riding in. Lights and reflectors both help you be seen. 

You must use lights between sunset and sunrise, and at any other time when you can’t clearly see a person or vehicle 100 metres away – about the length of a rugby or football field. 


You must have one or two front lights on your bike. Only one front light may flash. Front lights must be white or yellow.

You must have at least one rear light. Any rear light may flash. Rear lights must be red. Lights must be seen from 200 metres away at night. Your lights must not dazzle, confuse or distract other people.

Sunrise, sunset, and low light 

Roads may lose the light earlier or later than official sunrise and sunset times, such as when a road is in a steep valley. If the light is fading where you are riding, turning your lights on earlier can help you be seen. Rain, and deep shadow from trees or buildings, can also reduce visibility.

For more details visit the NZTA site below and happy and safe cycling.



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